Dorking Museum and Gorgeous Gerties

Promises, promises. I did say that I’d report on our afternoon visit to deepest Surrey last week.

The visit was to Dorking. Always pleasant to drive through the Surrey Hills, which we did to get to Dorking. We parked in  short term car park [South Side] in the town centre, which was both useful and not unreasonable for the convenience at £1.80 for 3 hours.

Dorking's Pilgrim MotherIt’s an interesting town, with Dorking Halls at one end of the High Street and antique shops at the other end and into West Street. We popped into Dorking Museum, which is in West Street. Visiting museums is always a worthwhile diversion, educative, and essentially a bit of fun. Among the things I learned was that one of Dorking’s residents, Priscilla Mullins, daughter of a pilgrim on the Mayflower. She married another member of the Mayflower party and became revered as a founder of the nation. Click on the image to learn more about her.

Next door to the museum is a splendid café and tea room called Gorgeous Gerties. Absolutely a great place to stop for lite bites and more.

If there’s a downside to Dorking it’s the traffic. But then if you know about Dorking you know about the traffic horrors.

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