Our Big Garden Birdwatch results, and some Big Questions too


Long Tailed Tits

No messing about, here’s the result of our hour of bird watching for the Big Garden Birdwatch. We’re one of the 131866 surveys submitted so far, possibly the 131866th, since I’ve just submitted our result to the RSPB website.

  • Blackbird: 3
  • Blue Tit: 10
  • Dunnock: 1
  • Long Tailed Tit: 20
  • Magpie: 2
  • Robin: 2
  • Wood Pigeon: 1

Now, about my Big Questions. In submitting the results of our hour long bird watch, I was neither asked on which day – either Saturday 30th or Sunday 31st, nor the time of the bird watch.

Thinking it would be different if our bird watch took place near dusk, I watched from 3.35pm to 4.35pm on Sunday. Maybe the day – Saturday or Sunday – doesn’t matter much, surely the time of day is of interest. What a missed chance to collect data.

By way of interpretation on our survey, a small flock of five long Tailed Tits, visited four times in the hour.

2 thoughts on “Our Big Garden Birdwatch results, and some Big Questions too

  1. I think you have misunderstood what you are supposed to do. My understanding is that you record the highest number seen at any one time and not add up the number of birds seen e.g. If you see 3, 4 & 2 the number you record is not 9 but 4.


  2. Tim, I agree with Les, – you got it wrong, your count should only be 5 Long Tailed Tits, – they all have to be present at the same time. Good for you in taking part though! Mike


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