A treasure, of which I knew nought, is revealed in Spitalfields Life

The treasure described in Spitalfields Life, a blog the author of which says his intention ‘to write every single day and tell you about life here in Spitalfields at the heart of London.’

His article on the 24th January describes,

Walking East from Spitalfields down the Mile End Rd, I arrived at the gateway surmounted by two stone eagles and reached through the iron gate to pull on a tenuous bell cord, before casting my eyes up at Malplaquet House.

The introduction to the article says,

Photographer Philippe Debeerst sent me his splendid photographs which are published for the first time here today, and accompanied by my own account of a visit to Malplaquet House in Mile End Rd.

And that’s how the article begins, with 40 photos of one the most curious interiors to a house that you could imagine. I leave it to you to rifle through the images. Wikipedia has some background on the house HERE.

Spitalfields Life has much more about the house HERE in an earlier article.

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