Feeling whacked, floored, and totally listless

Feeling rottenThe intermittent nature of recent blogging is simply due to the effects of a rather nasty cold that has variously left me feeling flattened, floored and whacked out. I’m on the mend, so normal service, of sorts, will resume shortly. This isn’t a recent photo, but expresses how I’ve been feeling.

3 thoughts on “Feeling whacked, floored, and totally listless

  1. I think that photo probably shoes exactly what you and many others have been like over the recent Christmas/New Year period with various things being cancelled. I hope you are soon feeling fighting fit as I’m still fighting for breath and fit to drop but would love to be recovering. I had out a lot of hope into the beginning of the New Year but so far it’s refusing to cooperate. I wish you good luck and good health for the rest of 2016+.


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