MP’s discuss a Bill to provide for an English National Anthem

In yesterday’s business in Parliament an MP presented ‘a Bill to provide for an English National Anthem for use at sporting events that involve individuals or teams representing England; and for connected purposes’. See Hansard report HERE for the short debate.England Flag

The Bill bestows a duty on the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport to hold a consultation across England that will decide what the English national anthem should be. The Bill passed its first reading, and its second reading will be on Friday 4th March.

There are various opinion polls being run in different sections of the media. Guido has a list, as does the Daily Telegraph, and The Guardian has a humorous list. These seem popular choices,

  1. God Save the Queen
  2. Jerusalem
  3. I vow to thee my country
  4. Land of Hope and Glory
  5. There’ll always be an England

I’m rather fond of I vow to the my Country, but reckon that the popular groundswell of opinion would be for Jerusalem. Whatever, this Bill has only just begun it’s journey through Parliament, and may well never pass into law.

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