The chairman of the Environment Agency resigns

Sir Phillip Dilley, chairman of the Environment Agency has resigned – see full details HERE.

Thames BarrierIt seemed to me to be the most likely result from his absence while remaining on holiday during the floods in England prior to Christmas. Here’s part of his stated reasons of resigning,

My reason for resigning is that the expectations of the role have expanded to require the Chairman to be available at short notice throughout the year, irrespective of routine arrangements for deputy and executive cover. In my view this is inappropriate in a part-time non-executive position, and this is something I am unable to deliver.

Furthermore the media scrutiny focused on me is diverting attention from the real issue of helping those whose homes and businesses have flooded, as well as the important matter of delivering a long-term flood defence strategy. This same media attention has also affected and intruded on my immediate family, which I find unacceptable.

Is it possible that one new condition will be added to the job specification – ‘Absence from duty while on agreed holiday is overridden when crises arise, such as floods or similar, then expected to end holiday immediately.’

2 thoughts on “The chairman of the Environment Agency resigns

  1. For a ‘part time’ role paying over £100k a year I think flexibility in times of crisis would be an unwritten expectation. I’m sure other more dedicated and capable individuals will step forward to be considered for the role.


  2. At £100K pa for part time perhaps this position should be full time to cover all responsibilities. The main reason for his resignation seems to be self interest ie don’t interfere with my life for a little thing like other lives being ruined. Perhaps he would be better living abroad.


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