Aspects of Winston Churchill: Why was he so bad with money

This second article on Winston Churchill is the first few paragraphs taken from a review in The Atlantic magazine of No More Champagne: Churchill and His Money By David Lough.

The review of the book, uncovers the precarious finances throughout the whole of Churchill’s life. Worth reading this review about an aspect of Churchill’s life rarely described, [Click on image to expand and learn more].

Churchill-in-quebec-1944-23-0201aIn May of 1940, as French forces crumpled in the face of the Nazi onslaught and the British anxiously scanned the skies for signs of the dreaded invasion, the newly installed prime minister was preoccupied with another pressing problem. Where would he get the money to pay his bill from the shirtmaker? Britain’s predicament was dire, but so was Winston Churchill’s. He owed not just the shirtmaker, but the watchmaker, the wine merchants, and the printers as well. He was overdrawn at the bank, he owed interest payments on his debts, his taxes were conspicuously late, and his publishers were clamoring for an overdue book on which he had taken a large advance. Churchill would lead Britain through the Blitz a few months later, but first he needed money.

Winston Churchill’s finances were a shambles for most of his life. It was a state of affairs, as David Lough reveals in No More Champagne: Churchill and His Money, entirely of Churchill’s own making. Over the course of a tumultuous political career spanning more than half a century and encompassing two changes of party and a dozen cabinet positions, including two stints as prime minister, Churchill spent money he did not have—extravagantly.

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