The Mogster redeems BBC’s Question Time

In the last programme of 2015, Jacob Rees-Mogg – aka ‘The Mogster’ redeemed BBC TV’s Question Time from its depths of political banality, and panellist incivility.

I’d all but given up on Question Time, due to the preponderance of politically unbalanced audiences, and rubbish panellists. I watched this edition because the Mogster was on the panel, believing there’d be at least one person exhibiting erudition, intellect, honesty, courtesy, and fun. Oh, and I guess Piers Morgan might’ve been a draw with the range of his opinions, along with his insufferable ego.

This is just as it turned out. Jacob Rees-Mogg answered the audience’s questions. No waffling around and having to be reminded by David Dimbleby to answer the question. The Mogster answered each question. Just what a programme called Question Time needs – panellists to answer questions. Just see his wonderful put-down of Dimbleby.

The other panellists, one from the SNP and one from UKIP, answered everything through the prism of either Scottish independence or freedom from the EU.

The other panellist was Labour’s Emily Thornberry, aka Lady Nugee, who persisted in avoiding answering questions.

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