Missed out on world record, though now outright British Land Speed record holder

Hmm, a grabber of a headline, which needs explanation.

At the official opening of Spokes of Bagshot cycle shop earlier this year I met Ken Buckley, a talented cyclist sponsored by Spokes.

Ken Buckley

Ken Buckley

Ken Buckley, as I found out at the shop launch, is a member of the ARION project team that aimed to break the human powered land speed record. Ken is one of the cyclists on that team – it’s was his human power that was used in the record attempt that took place in a desert of Nevada in Sepetmber this year.

I signally failed to report on the success of the attempt. Sorry [as Sepp Blatter would say]. Though failing to break the record, Ken and the ARION1 team did handsomely break the British record. In the team’s report on their record attempt = HERE, and from Ken HERE, it seems they were dogged by some very unseasonal weather.

The ARION team are now working on ARION2.

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