British car and commercial vehicle makers see increased home and export demand

While overall UK manufacturing output declined in the last three months, as reported by CITY A.M, UK car and commercial vehicle manufacturing grew healthily in the last quarter.

The SMMT yesterday announced that for,

  • Land_Rover_Celebrates_Production_of_First_New_Discovery_SportCar manufacturing:
    • British car manufacturing increases 9.3% in November, with 150,084 cars built.
    • Strong overseas demand continues to boost output, with production for export up 10.8% in the month.
    • Year-to-date output 3.8% up on 2014 with 1,472,835 cars produced.
  • Engine manufacturing:
    • UK engine output rises 3.5% in November, with 209,133 units produced.
    • Overseas demand continues to drive growth as production for exports sees 13.3% uplift in the month.
    • Overall year-to-date volumes stable, with output down 0.9%.
  • Commercial vehicle manufacturing:
    • UK commercial vehicle manufacturing grows by a quarter in November as sector recovery continues.
    • Big gains made in export production with volumes up 79.1% in the month.

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