“Christianity in Politics – God and Mrs Thatcher” – Charles Moore at St Paul’s Church Speakers Corner

Last week I was among large audience at St Paul’s Church, Camberley to listen to Charles Moore. He’s the latest in an impressive list of speakers at the their Speakers Corner, which involves leading public figures discussing how issues of faith engage with the concerns of everyday life.

These Speakers Corner talks are illuminating and enjoyable. Those I’ve listened to include General Sir Richard Dannatt [and yes I bought his book – dedicated again]; a stirring and thought provoking talk from Claudia Sturt a Deputy Director of the Prison Service;  and a heartfelt personal story from Jonathan Aitken. Everyone a thoroughly entertaining evening.

Charles Moore’s talk, “Christianity in Politics – God and Mrs Thatcher”, drew from his book –  Margaret Thatcher, Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography, Volume Two: Everything She Wants (Authorised Biog Vol 2). I bought a copy – hard back version, all 811 pages. It sitting proudly on our coffee table. Well I did get it dedicated and signed by Charles.

I recorded Charles talk. Must say the audio quality isn’t as good as I’d wish, and I’ve deleted some of the question and answer session as my soundtrack suffered from feedback. I shouldn’t have asked a question as I think the microphone clashed with my recorder. Even so, it does contain a fascinating response from Charles about Mrs Thatcher and Nelson Mandela (near the end of the recording).

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