Last night’s BBC Question Time – dire, Andrew Neil’s This Week – heroic

I hope I’m in the majority when I say that last night’s BBC flagship audience participation current affairs programme Question Time was absolutely dire. I frequently turned away to do more interesting stuff than listen to fractious arguments, and much spouting of platitudinous rubbish.

What a delight to be greeted by Andrew Neil’s magnificent verbal blast against the perpetrators of the Paris atrocities. In fact the whole of the This Week programme was splendid, gosh, even George Galloway was reasonable – memorably saying he’d be happy to shoot any of the Parisian jihadists. Here’s Andrew’s terrific verbal bashing of IS,

One thought on “Last night’s BBC Question Time – dire, Andrew Neil’s This Week – heroic

  1. Question Time has lost its cutting edge. Some of the guest panellist are from that group known as ‘celebrities’ offering us their views from their own cosseted bubble in much the same way politicians do from the Westminster bubble. What is even worse is that QT isn’t broadcast live and so has been heavily edited. This would explain much of the bias seen in the last 5 years of this once great programme


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