New 62 storey skyscraper in the City

The City of London is getting new 61-storey skyscraper at 22 Bishopsgate. The site was the site of the failed Pinnacle development.

22-BishopsgateThe planning application is being discussed at the City of London’s planning application meeting on 17th November. It’s recommend for approval.

It shows that the development of the City is relentless. The developers will surely have secured expressions of interest in occupation, otherwise they wouldn’t be creating the building. City A.M is reporting on the new skyscraper, with the developer Axa Real Estate saying,

Axa has called the new building a “vertical city”, with space for more than 12,000 workers. Floorplates will be 20,000 sq ft or more at most level, which will give the building 1.3 million sq ft of office space, with another 43,700 sq ft given over to restaurants, bars, retail and a viewing gallery.

It will also include 1,500 bike parking spaces and 100 showers, along with facilities for bike hire, repairs, safety training, spinning classes, and laundry and drying facilities.

Hattip: City A.M for the photo

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