More about fonts – Helvetica, Univers, Proxima Nova, and Comic Sans

In ‘Choosing a stylish font for your résumé, and for this blog too’ I recently wrote about my interest in fonts and typefaces. Before I go further here’s an explanation of the difference between the two. A font is what you use, a typeface is what you see.

In past roles I’ve chosen fonts for computer user manuals, and marketing literature. I even remember much fun in using Letraset dry transfers to produce professional artwork.

Enough. In the last year two famous font designers have passed away, Adrian Frutiger in September, and in February 2014, Mike Parker. Both created the most admired and used fonts in the world. Frutiger with the Univers font, and Parker with the Helvetica font.

Few of us bother to purchase font libraries, relying on the choices in our Microsoft or Apple computers. Microsoft has an approximation to Helvetica called Arial, the differences between them annoy some people. Here’s how to spot the Arial font. I’m sure you’ll agree that Helvetica is superior to its clones.

What caused me to write about fonts? Well, I admit to a certain irritation to reading in Wired that Comic Sans is ‘the best font in the world’. No it isn’t. It’s frivolous and unattractive – see HERE.

Enough again. Oh, by the way, this blog uses the Proxima Nova font.

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