An entertaining talk about the Royal Hospital Chelsea and the Chelsea Pensioners

Chelsea PensionerOur after lunch speaker this week, for Camberley & District Probus Club’s October lunch, spoke hugely entertainingly about the Royal Hospital Chelsea and its pensioners.

It did help that our speaker had not long ago completed 10 years as a Captain of Invalids at Chelsea. Describing how they are just 300 Chelsea pensioners, of which nine are women. All of whom must’ve served in the Army, or be drawing a British Army pension.

Among the many memorable things that our speaker enjoyed was taking a group of Chelsea pensioners to the USA in 2006, which was described by the US Military – Royal Hospital Chelsea pensioners visit Pentagon.

The main impression of living among the pensioners, said our speaker, was of fun, humour, and comradeship. Recounting one conversation with a pensioner not that long after becoming a Captain of Invalids,

Chelsea pensioner: Do you know why we have nine buttons on our coats?

Captain of Invalids: No, I’m afraid I don’t.

Chelsea pensioner: Because their are nine button holes.

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