My outing last week to discover a Tollgate Stone

In responding to an email imploration about the despoliation of the Milestone on the A30, I looked through some photos of records in the Surrey Heath Museum. In doing so I came across a note and a hand drawn map of George Poulter’s – noted first curator of Surrey Heath Museum – research into milestones and other stones near the American Golf Shop [was the Jolly Framer Pub] on the A30.

Looking carefully at the copy of Poulter’s map I noticed it marked a Tollgate Stone, near the junction of the A30, The Maultway, and the Portsmouth Road. This was the location of a tollgate of the Bedfont and Bagshot Turnpike Trust. Hmmm, wonder if it’s still there. Chance to get out and prove my cold hadn’t defeated me. Well, it jolly well is. Here’s a photo of it, and the Darby Stone on the A30 near the junction with Caesar’s Camp Road. Plus George Poulter’s descriptions of them,

A Tollgate Stone still stands, although the one on the other side of the road was lost in the making of the roundabout. The Darby Stone marks the site of a gibbet, and was moved to this location during road widening.

I’ve a previous article on the Basing Stone.

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