Living in interesting times, means testing times for policy makers

The apocryphal Chinese proverb says, ‘may you live in interesting times’. Well, that’s certainly true of our current times, don’t you agree.

Here are five tough issues for policy makers. Crikey, there are many more, but these five will do. How is it possible for Britain, a small island nation, to succeed in a globalised commercial world? How do we find employment for uneducated and unskilled youth? How do we manage the impacts of migration trends on our country and elsewhere in the world. How can small Britain make a contribution to climate change? How can we find a semblance of balance in acceptable behaviour when writing, commenting, and arguing online.

I could try to answer these here, though think it’s preferable to point to some recent articles with whom I’m in general agreement. Some of them are positive in outlook, others realistic, and one bleak.

I don’t believe that there are single perfect solutions to any of these issues. Solutions come only through a combination of multiple small, yet meaningful, initiatives delivered with grit, determination, and intelligence under overarching principles communicated to, and accepted by the majority of the population.

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