Comment on the flurry of announcements from Surrey Heath Council

Phew, that’s four press releases from Surrey Heath and one from Camberley Theatre in the last few days. I really can’t let them all go by with a comment or two. So here we go.

  • FlytippingFly-tipping: It’s a real anti-social menace throughout the country. As regulations are tightened to ensure the correct disposal of rubbish, there are people minded to ignore them. With plenty of quiet roads and lanes in Surrey Heath fly-tippers find easy opportunities to avoid their responsibilities. It’s good that Surrey Heath is improving its focus on this nasty practice, although I fear that rewarding tip-offs is a palliative. While I’m loath to suggest more surveillance, low-cost CCTV in the ‘popular’ fly tip locations would likely bring better results.
  • Purchase of St George’s Industrial Estate: While the Council say it’s about investing in the borough, I reckon the opportunity to earn a good return on the investment rates highly among reasons for purchase. Reading the press release I think it’s a stretch to say the acquisition assists “in the regeneration of Camberley town centre.”
  • Mark Slowey and me when MayorPhoto call for stars of Aladdin: Mark Slowey – Window Twanky in the pantomime, is a regular in Camberley panto’s. Two reasons for this – he’s v.v. good as the dame, and secondly the audience love him. I’m going to try and get along to meet him on the photo call day.

Enough, enjoy the Bank Holiday.

One thought on “Comment on the flurry of announcements from Surrey Heath Council

  1. The problem is, “low-cost” CCTV often isn’t good enough to read number plates, so you would have to invest in a relatively decent system in order to get any use from CCTV; a fixed camera is around £15,000 each fully installed, and a mobile camera around £7,000. Then you have to make sure it’s looking the right way and is compatible with the CCTV control room (which SHBC has outsourced to Woking BC).

    Better to invest in training staff to investigate each fly-tip for evidence – most fly tippers leave some tell-tale signs of identification – and then seek to prosecute. Getting residents to keep their eyes open for commercial waste lorries in rural locations would be a good start…


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