Surrey Heath Borough Council offers £500 reward for fly-tipping tip-offs

Surrey Heath Borough Council announced on 26th August that it is responding to residents’ concerns about fly-tipping in the area by introducing a dedicated resource to tackle the problem, saying,

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste such as builders’ rubble, garden waste and mixed household waste. The recently formed Counter Fraud and Corporate Enforcement team will investigate local fly tipping incidents with the aim of securing prosecutions against perpetrators.

The council has launched an appeal for information page on its new website and are offering a financial award of up to £500 for information that leads to a conviction of those responsible.

Residents are reminded of their duty to prevent the illegal fly-tipping of rubbish that might come from their homes. Household Waste Duty of Care Regulations (2005) state that residents are accountable for any waste leaving their property, including from builders or gardeners they employ to carry out work.

Some residents and businesses have started using the local community recycling sites as dumping grounds. In a number of cases, containers have had to be removed. If there is not an appropriate container at a site and individuals leave material on the ground they are fly tipping and are liable to prosecution.

Julia Greenfield, Surrey Heath’s Audit, Counter Fraud and Corporate Enforcement Manager said: “People need to be aware they must ensure their household waste is disposed of properly. Any contractor they employ to do building work must have a carrier’s licence to transport waste.

“It’s up to householders who are having work done like double glazing, new kitchens and bathrooms to check that any contractor they appoint to dispose of rubbish from their home, including building and garden waste, has a trade waste carrier’s licence.

“If they don’t have this licence, they are not legally entitled to remove your rubbish.”

Surrey Heath’s portfolio holder for community Councillor Vivienne Chapman said: “We are fortunate to have so many areas of outstanding natural beauty in Surrey Heath and it’s vital that we all work together to help preserve them. I understand that the Counter Fraud and Corporate Enforcement team is currently appealing for information on a large asbestos fly tip recently found in Chobham. It is disgraceful that someone has chosen to dump this dangerous waste in a rural area. The clean-up campaign associated with this fly tip will cost in excess of £1000, money which could be better spent on services which benefit the community as a whole.”

If you have any information that could lead to identifying fly tippers, please contact the council on 01276 707100 or visit

3 thoughts on “Surrey Heath Borough Council offers £500 reward for fly-tipping tip-offs

  1. Wonder if I can do a retrospective claim for the report about the fly-tipping by the track near Moorlands Nursing Home, never heard what the outcome of that was.


  2. Fly tipping being clearly abhorrent needs to be discouraged, but I think Surrey Heath County Council are potentially contributing to the problem: A week or so ago, I wanted to recycle a couple of small boxes of mixed cardboard packaging, and visited my local recycling site at Prior Road. I found that the recycling containers for mixed cardboard had been removed. I then drove to the Heatherside recycling site, only to find no mixed cardboard recycling there either. So, it was off to the Briars Centre in Lightwater and yet again, no facility for cardboard recycling. So in the end, I drove to the Swift Lane site to recycle the boxes. Now, my point is that that the absence of suitable recycling containers at local recycling centres will undoubtably contribute to fly tipping. Indeed, I have seen piles of cardboard boxes at Prior Road, and I suspect that the demand for cardboard recycling exceeds Surrey Heath’s available storage / removal capacity. However, the answer is not to post signs at local recycling centres warning of prosecution for fly tipping, it is surely to increase the availability of cardboard recycling containers, given that they appear to be one of the biggest volume sources of recycling waste. Now, it is a fact that the relative contribution of mixed cardboard to the overall waste stream has risen significantly over the past decade due largely to the increase in on-line shopping, but I wonder what Surrey Heath are doing to address this issue in the near term, and I fear that their obvious desire to fight against the scourge of fly tipping is not being as effective as it could be.


  3. Feel sorry for the owner of Dunross Farm at the end of that Track ….. a few years back, a car was dumped at the very entrance to his house at the top of the track, and then torched !


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