Admiring the Round Table in Winchester Great Hall

In a  recent day out to Winchester we visited the Great Hall. It houses the Winchester Round Table, an imitation of the round table of Arthurian legend.

The round table is an amazing survivor considering Oliver Cromwell ordered the demolition of Winchester Castle in the mid-1600’s. It’s in remarkable condition considering that it was made around 1280-1290. In Wikipedia it’s describes as follows,

The artifact known as the “Winchester Round Table,” a large tabletop hanging in Winchester Castle bearing the names of various knights of Arthur’s court, was probably created for a Round Table tournament. The current paintwork is late; it was done by order of Henry VIII of England for Holy Roman Emperor Charles V’s 1522 state visit, and depicts Henry himself sitting in Arthur’s seat above a Tudor rose.

The table itself is considerably older; dendrochronology calculates the date of construction to 1250–1280—during the reign of Edward I—using timber from store felled over a period of years. Edward was an Arthurian enthusiast who attended at least five Round Tables and hosted one himself in 1299, which may have been the occasion for the creation of the Winchester Round Table. Martin Biddle, from an examination of Edward’s financial accounts, links it instead with a tournament Edward held near Winchester on April 20, 1290, to mark the betrothal of one of his daughters.

These are my photos of the round table and inside of the Great Hall.

Winchester Great hall Round Table the Great Hall

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