Kneeling in Folly Bog to look at the plants: 2 – insect eating Sundews

This is the second article on the plants in Folly Bog in Lightwater. The first article was on the curious plant, Bog Asphodel, and now it’s the turn of another curious plant, the Sundew.

In my kneeling’s in Folly Bog last week, I was delighted to find both species of the insectivorous Sundew plant – Round-leaved Sundew, and Oblong-leaved Sundew. The plants are similar, so plenty of close-up inspection is needed to ensure correct identification, resulting in damp knees.

To tell the truth I’m no plant biologist, not even an amateur one, just a curious soul enjoying the variety of countryside on offer close to Lightwater. Some while ago I came across an English Nature paper online – now called Natural England – on the flora and fauna of Colony Bog & Bagshot Heath, which details the plants that can be found in Folly Bog. This is my information source.

Here are my photos of Round-leaved Sundew – Drosera rotundifolia, and Oblong-leaved Sundew – Drosera intermedia. [Click image to expand].

Round-leaved Sundew_1Oblong-leaved Sundew_1

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