House of Commons Library paper on ‘Maintaining and funding war memorials’

The CenotaphWe are, thankfully, a society that respects the sacrifice of the fallen in the defence of our freedoms. That respect is most poignantly and popularly exhibited at remembrance events, especially Remembrance Sunday the support of which itself has grown considerably over recent years.

War memorials, of which there are thought to be over 100,000 in the UK, are the physical representation of our respect. We expect them to be maintained and cared for. Surprisingly, the ownership of war memorials is occasionally in doubt. As the original fundraising was by private or public subscription maintenance wasn’t always fully considered.  Later, it became the duty of parish, borough or city councils to maintain them. [Click on image to view the HoC Library briefing paper.]

In 2013 and 2014 I was among those seeking repair and refurbishment of war memorials in Surrey Heath. What I wasn’t aware of, because it only became available in February this year is a government website UK War Memorials. I learned bout this from a House of Commons Library briefing paper – Maintaining and funding war memorials. It’s a jolly useful source of information of legislation surrounding war memorials and sources of funding for their maintenance.

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