Breaking the Tour de France cycle race watching addiction

It’s over, and how fantastic that ‘Froomey’ has won. It’s been riveting TV watching the Tour de France. Amazing to think that a three week race – minus a couple of rest days – has provided a daily dose of excitement.

Couch potato that I’ve become, when not able to drink-in the live drama on ITV4 from 1.0pm to 5.0pm, I caught the highlights from 7.0pm to 8.0pm nightly. Mostly I watched live, and the highlights too, to listen to the expert’s interpretation.

The competition has been epic, as Chris Froome would say. The sporting drama has had an unsavoury element, with accusations of doping by Team Sky – absolutely without foundation. This has added an additional frisson to this year’s race.

I wonder whether it isn’t all to do with the fact that out of the last 4 years, a Briton has won, and has raced for Team Sky. Also, that the characteristic reserve and un-showy attitude contrast with Gallic, and Latin over-excitement.

That’s it for another year.

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