Two public libraries in Surrey Heath get changed opening hours

Not sure if you know about this – both Frimley Green and Lightwater libraries have changes to their opening hours approved. Lightwater Library will be open for additional 3½ hours a week, opening for 17 hours a week. Up from 13½ hours. Frimley Green’s library opening hours opens for 1 hour longer on Monday, compensated by opening for 1 hour less on Tuesdays. It opens for 31½ hours a week.

Surely good for both communities. The proposal for changes to the opening hours for both libraries was presented to the Surrey Heath Local Area Committee on July 2nd. I was too hung up reporting on the status of road repairs in Lightwater to report on this. This report corrects my omission.

4 thoughts on “Two public libraries in Surrey Heath get changed opening hours

  1. In an email from SCC yesterday (18/10/17) it states that they will soon be changing for library reservations. This is a retrograde step which will reduce the usage of the libraries, or is that the intention so they can use the changes to justify shutting some in the future?
    The better option would be to rotate the stock of novels round smaller libraries and reservations wouldn’t be needed so much.
    I have sent my comments to our councillor, will wait with baited breath for a reply.


  2. Didn’t need to hold my baited breath very long as SCC councillor David Mansfield replied immediately that he would be bringing this up in full council. Although I guess it must have been agreed by a committee for the charging to be starting next month.


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