Being a conduit for military historians

I sometimes wonder why I write a blog. Does it have a purpose? Is it just a frivolous activity? Good questions both, the answers to which I’m going to duck. Maybe I’ll come back to answer them later.

When readers find something of interest, so much so that they write a comment on the blog, I feel that the questions have been answered. Well, in part anyway.

A few weeks ago a comment was added to my blog post about the repair and renovation of Bagshot’s War Memorial at St Anne’s Church. It related to a correction to the name of a regiment for one of those named on the memorial, and also the hoped for addition of another name.

I replied that I’d pass the request on to someone who’d take note. It took me until Saturday’s St Anne’s Church Fete to find the right person. Obvious really, the vicar of course, the Rev Andreas Sistig. I passed the comment to the vicar, explaining the circumstances. I should say, Wow. Because yesterday, a historian of Bagshot’s war memorial replied to the commenter, and pleasingly copied me in. Much thanks to Rev Andreas.

As to the purpose of the blog, well, one purpose is to act as a conduit between military historians. Saves me facing up to answer the difficult question about the purpose of the blog.

Talking with Rev Andreas Sistig Bagshot War Memorial at St Anne's Church

One thought on “Being a conduit for military historians

  1. I recently lead a walk from Lightwater to The Lookout and back via Vicarage Lane and past St.Anne’s church. Because of reading your blog I went to look at the memorial and it’s excellent repairs.


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