Serious questions need asking about competence of Surrey Highways management

If you’ve ever watched ‘find-the-lady’ [also known as the three card trick] with a magician, then you’ll know how difficult it is to win.

Road repairsThat’s the same feeling I have with Surrey County Council Highways. First they promise a date for road repairs, then apologise for missing the date, and finally give no indication of when the road repairs will be re-scheduled. A real three card trick played on Lightwater residents. Click on image to enlarge.

The resurfacing of Ambleside Road in Project Horizon had long been scheduled for June 2015. June arrives, and lo and behold it’s severely delayed. The new latest date for this work I’ve seen HERE [scroll down to find it] on the County Council website is March 2016. It actually says work is scheduled between April 2015 to March 2016. Me, for one, has little confidence even in meeting the 2016 date.

Now, about the cancellation of the road repairs to a short stretch of Guildford Road in Lightwater, probably no more than 50 yards in length. The three card trick works again. First they post notices about the intended road repair, then all the equipment arrives, next, of course, the equipment is removed, but the notices remain to remind us what suckers we are.

I first learned about the repair of this short stretch of road in March 2008 – then a naïve Councillor. I’m a hard-bitten cynic now. Here’s what remains on Guilford Road to remind us of the planned works.

4 thoughts on “Serious questions need asking about competence of Surrey Highways management

  1. I was amazed at the amount of kit that arrived and parked in the Cul de Sac outside the Dance school, and the number of workers milling around at about mid-day on Weds ….. the same time on Thursday and even more amazed how quickly they had done nothing and departed !

    Why ?


  2. I called Surrey Highways on Thursday to be given an excuse that the work was cancelled as it was going to have too much impact as it conflicted with work on the M3,does anyone talk to each other ? This farce must have cost us taxpayers a fortune ,someone should be held accountable for this surely ?


  3. Well the signs are up again for the work to be completed later this month. Nothing has progressed that much on the m3 so that excuse was very lame. Will it get done this time or are we in for yet another fiasco?? Its our money they are wasting!!!


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