Cacti always surprise when they burst into flower

I’ve mentioned here before of my affection for cacti, also with my inability to keep them in good health.

CactiAt this year’s Surrey Heath Show I acquired some new cacti, which you can see in the photo. I also bought a couple from the shop at the RHS Gardens at Wisley, particularly a Haworthia, replacing a similar one in a sorry state, acquired from Paul Barrow and Carolyn Hawkes garden open day in Lightwater, which I failed to keep in good condition.

Anyway, I planted out all of my new cacti purchases, and enjoyed making mini cacti gardens. I’ve not over watered them, and have given them occasional holidays from our conservatory outside on the patio. About a week ago or so, the newly bought Haworthia pumila surprised, in that it decided to flower. In a fairly short period it sent up a flower spike from it’s centre, then all of a sudden branched out, and now a series of little flowers are appearing.

I tell you, the world of cacti continues to surprise. The books and websites about individual cacti, hardly, if ever, show a cacti in flower. I just hope that, having flowered, it doesn’t give up. Here are some photos of my Haworthia pumila in flower. [Click on image to enlarge]

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