Lovely new owners of George’s Coffee Bar in Lightwater

Vivienne Dodd & Jany DoddsAttending an evening business networking meeting this week of the Lightwater Business Association I learned that George’s Café in Lightwater has new owners, who been in place for a couple of weeks now. So much for my being on the ball with all things Lightwater.

Talking to Mike Duffy of Duffy’s Budgens, the previous owners, it was a question of getting the renewal date for the lease of the shop in line with that of Duffy’s Budgens supermarket. Not being able to achieve this, Mike didn’t renew the lease and found new people to run the café.

Must say well done Matt to find the new owners, Vivienne and Matt Dodd are a lovely couple who’ve all the enthusiasm to take the café forward. Here’s a photo of Vivienne on the left, and Jany on the right.

5 thoughts on “Lovely new owners of George’s Coffee Bar in Lightwater

  1. Hi Tim Do we know if they will honour all the George’s cards we all have accumulated as a result of our customer loyalty to Budgens? I sinerely hope so. Ellie.

    Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2015 18:09:47 +0000 To:


  2. Which is what was said in the original text. And there has just been a name change, no longer George’s


  3. or have i got things wrong, and Tim had done a quick text correction before I read it ??


  4. Lightwater retiree, yes, I did a quick correction. Bit naughty of me to not leave the mistake in place with a line through it, and then follow that text with the correction.


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