Better late than never, my Surrey Heath Local Committee report on highways issues

Surrey Heath Local Committee membersYes, yes, I know the goings on at the Surrey Heath Local Committee don’t figure on the radar of many people in the borough – perhaps it does for political geeks, councillors, and activists. It certainly does for campaigners on road safety, traffic volumes, and car parking.

Pretty much the whole meeting was about campaigns on road safety, traffic, pedestrian crossings, parking; all things connected with highways. I’ve already reported on my disappointment about the delay in re-surfacing Ambleside Road in Lightwater. This report is about all the other issues. Firstly the questions raised in the public question time, and then the agenda items,

  • Problems for residents and traffic caused by inconsiderate car parking around Bagshot Station, raised by June Green of the Bagshot Society.
  • Inconsiderate car parking along Freemantle Road in Bagshot associated with staff of businesses in Windlebrook House.
  • Need for management of traffic queues at junctions on The Avenue and Heatherley Road in Camberley, raised by Murray Rowlands.
  • Request for reduction of the speed limit to 30 mph on the A322 as it passes through Bisley, raised by Hester Clarke and supported by councillors on Bisley Parish Council.
  • Criticism of the provision for cyclists in Surrey Heath, raised by David Chesneau.

Next were the replies to written public questions and petitions,

  • Reduction of the traffic speed limit to 30mph on the A322 as it passes through West End, and the re-siting and upgrade of the pedestrian crossing by the Inn at West End. A petition was presented at the previous meeting by Mrs Tina Roberts. The Surrey Highways response is to raise the traffic speeds with Surrey Police, and to consider issues around the traffic signals in a later detailed report.
  • Issues of safety of children entering and leaving Pine Ridge Infant School subsequent to changes made by the school new ‘main entrance’. Surrey Highways response recommends the adoption by the school of a school travel plan, and that the head teacher reconsiders re-opening the school entrances on a trial basis.

Finally, there were the agenda items,

  • Petition for improved traffic calming and a pedestrian crossing on Kingston Road, Old Dean. Surrey Highways response is to carry out an assessment in the first term of the new academic year.
  • ‘Keep Bagshot Moving’ petition requesting a yellow box junction between London Road and Station Road in Bagshot. Surrey Highways response is to consider this in the wider review of the A30 traffic signals in Bagshot.
  • Sturt Road Bridge flooding. Success in getting Network Rail to maintain drainage for the first time in 25 years or more.
  • A petition to link the traffic signals on the A30 at the junctions of Waterers Way and Yaverland Drive in Bagshot. Surrey Highways response is that signal timings are to be adjusted in October.
  • A petition to implement safety measures to Middleton Road and Upper Park Road Bridge. Surrey Highways response assesses the signage and markings as adequate, though issues of overgrown vegetation will be addressed.

Still keen on Highways issues – then why not attend an evening public meeting on Highways issues in surrey Heath at Camberley Theatre on 21st July, at which the A30 bus lane will be discussed.

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