Really interesting to see images of the broken Egham water main repair

I’ve not commented on the major water main failure and consequent water shortages in the six Surrey Heath villages, or in the neighbouring boroughs all served by Affinity Water’s Egham water treatment plant.

My reason was that it was well covered by other information sources, and also in that Surrey Heath had declared it an emergency, and were looking after the needs of the most vulnerable people in the borough.

Loss of water supply is a serious issue. Effective communication about actions to resolve the issue is as serious. Affinity Water’s communications via social media, and through their website, were relayed by Surrey Heath, numerous councillors, and concerned residents. Though I’ve not studied Affinity Water’s information output in detail, I’ve the impression that has been effective.

The images of the repair posted on Affinity Water’s website given a clear indication of the difficulty of the repair. I don’t imagine that many people had any idea of what was involved. To the extent that it might’ve been advantageous to provide these images, and a detailed description of the stages of the work, at an earlier stage.

Whatever. Looks like engineers worked hard to fix the broken main. It would be interesting to know the cause of the break.

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