The scourge of the encroachment of bracken over heathland grass and heather

Walking from Lightwater to Deepcut along the track around the Bisley & Pirbright ranges I noticed the encroachment of bracken over heathland grasses and heather.

Seeing the seed heads of grasses waving in the wind and the wild flowers in amongst the grass is one of the joys of walking in our heathland countryside. There’s absolutely no joy to be had in seeing bracken choke native grasses, flowers, and heather.

There seems to be no effort to eradicate the scourge of bracken from our heathland. It harbours ticks – about which even local councillors [Denis Fuller] have suffered from, and also its spores in the autumn can give you cancer. There are working parties from a variety of sources to attempt to control invasive pine tree saplings, incursion of broom, and even Rhododendron. None so for control of bracken.

This isn’t just a problem in Surrey, it’s also a problem on Dartmoor, There are solutions. Farmers Weekly has suggestions. Here are a few photos taken on my walk – hopefully, you’ll see what I mean.

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