It’s the history of the execution of justice and cases that matter rather than the courtrooms

This week a party from Camberley & District Probus Club visited the Central Criminal Courts in London – otherwise known as the Old Bailey.

As I mentioned earlier photography was prohibited, being in contempt of court to so. So I didn’t take any.

Our tour of the courts, which took place after the end of court business for the day, was hosted by the courts Secondary – Charles Henty. He’s the manger of the 18 courts and the 320 staff needed to run them. He’s at work not long after 6.0am and has a bunk in the Court buildings, going home to his family at the weekend. A brief run through of justice from Magna Carta through to today, Charles enlivened with some of the famous and gruesome cases and gruesome outcomes for the convicted. He said the OldBaileyOnline website is a splendid resource of the court processing over the past centuries, and suggested entering a surname, for most names will return a past criminal or worse. Indeed he’s correct plenty of people named Dodds were witnesses, defendants, or victims.

I looked for copyright free images of the interior of the buildings – especially the grand marbled and frescoed Grand Hall. All to no avail. However Behind locked doors at the Old Bailey in the Daily Mail, has extensive descriptions and pictures, of the Grand Hall, cells, Dead Man’s Walk, and more. The BBC also have pictures and conversations with Charles Henty in The secret world of the Old Bailey.

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