Speechifying again and quelling the nerves

I’ve just completed writing two short speeches I’ll be giving this evening.

The first will be at the beginning of my last meeting of the full council of Surrey Heath Borough council – I’ll post it here tommorrow. Best not to tempt fate. Later in the evening, as Vice President of Camberley & District Probus Club, I’ll be offering up the toast to the guests.

I’ve written both my speeches, and practised them too. I don’t, though I wished I had, the memory or confidence to deliver them without having the speech in writing. Nerves are quelled by having what I’m intending to say written down – though even then I don’t always get it right.

Listening to Jonathan Aitken talk last night at St Paul’s Speaker’s Corner was inspiring. He talked engagingly, with occasional humour, and without notes, or any um’s and aah’s. He looked directly into the eyes of the audience throughout, and generously answered every question with respect to the questioner. Makes you realise what a skill this is, and the mental prowess it exhibits.

All I’ll just have to do is to make sure I reach into the correct inside jacket pocket for the appropriate speech.

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