The saga about the boarded-up ex-Barclays Bank branch continues

ex-Barclays Bank boarded upAfter my article on my disappointment at the state of the boarded-up ex-Barclays Bank branch, I was involved in a friendly twitter exchange with Barclays Bank, in which they suggested I register a complaint online.

This I did. Pretty quickly afterwards I received a phone call from Barclays customer complaints team. The Barclays view, was that they no longer had responsibility for the property, and that nothing could now be done to meet my complaint.

My complaint, which I stated again, is that the board covering the place where the cash machine was covered by an unpainted piece of plywood, presenting a most unattractive aspect in our village centre.

My second argument was that the contractors removing the Barclays Bank equipment, being presumably agents of Barclays were obviously charged to secure the building on removal of Barclays kit. Therefore, what instructions were given to them, and are they at fault. Also, most commercial leases are repairing leases, inasmuch, that the lessee is required to return the property to its state on the day they signed the lease.

While this point stalled the customer services representative’s argument. It didn’t win the argument. So, it looks like a letter is needed to members of the Barclays Executive Board.

All this palaver for a lick of paint.

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