Passing on the torch for Lightwater and all its residents

Perhaps I should’ve mentioned this before. I’m not a candidate for Lightwater in the upcoming local elections for Surrey Heath Borough Council. I’ve been delighted to be able to represent Lightwater for two terms – meaning 8 years.

The first entries in this blog were on March 29th 2007, and in the second entry – Why stand for office for the first time? I provided a bit of self-analysis, feeling I needed to tell people something of my views and outlook on life. I didn’t say why I wanted to be a councillor. The reason can be thought a little trite. I wanted to repay the village for being a happy place to live for 20 years previously, having worked long hours with plenty of unlovely business travel.

The remaining blogs in March 2007 were all about potholes, the reporting of them and my simple pleasure in seeing them being fixed. As I walk to the village, occasionally using Red Road, I pass by my very first pothole report. I look on it with affection – yes, yes, quirky I know. I’ll resist the temptation to add its photo here.

The tough question to answer is what have I achieved in 8 years as a councillor? Primarily to keep the needs of Lightwater at the forefront of the Council’s mind. Also, a relentless focus on the improvement in Lightwater’s flooding resilience, which I think has been a success. Any other achievements are much harder to quantify and even harder to claim any credit.

Enough – in a few weeks I’ll be off the council, though will find it hard to give up reporting on potholes and failed streetlights.

Oops, almost forgot. Being the Mayor for one year was a high point, and so rewarding meeting the volunteers for their communities in the Borough.

7 thoughts on “Passing on the torch for Lightwater and all its residents

  1. Where would we be without all your local news and gossip, yes your bloging is important so keep it up. You will need that and other activities to fill all the spare time without the “Council Stuff”


  2. Tim, we may have seen things differently, but I and many others have been inspired by your online engagement and dedication to the local community. I think you’ve opened a window into a councillor’s life and helped more people engage with local democracy as a result.

    Congratulations and all the best for the future.


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