Finding free quality images: Part 3 – Long list of great copyright free image sources

A wonderful thing about the USA is that any image taken by US government employees while on government duty become Public Domain. Here’s the best of them mixed in with other sources – 25 sources in all.

  1. British Library: Over 1 million free images scanned from 17th, 18th, 19th 20th century books
  2. Welcome Images: over 100,000 quality images from the Wellcome Trust
  3. NewOldStock: Vintage photographs from the public archives free of known copyright restrictions
  4. Flickr: Select Creative Commons in the search tool to see 1,000’s of free images
  5. Great Images in NASA: Unbeatable source of 1,000’s of historically important images
  6. NASA Image Galleries: Superb galleries of quality photographs
  7. RGBStock: Huge library of high quality images – simple site registration required
  8. FreeMediaGoo: Quality free images, though not that many of them.
  9. Agricultural Research Service Image Gallery: US Dept of Agriculture: over 2,000 high quality images.
  10. US National Park Service: Select a national park by name or from the map. 1,000’s of images.
  11. US Geological Survey: Huge range of aerial photography and satellite images.
  12. US Environmental Protection Agency Image Gallery: Wide variety of images
  13. Picjumbo: Images to use whichever way you want
  14. Unsplash: Large library of high quality images. Register for 10 new photos every 10 days.
  15. Hubble Site Gallery: Amazing image gallery of space, astronauts, and much more
  16. Bigfoto: Free images to use, requests a link or Facebook like when image used
  17. Pixabay: Outstanding public domain image website with a German flavour
  18. US Antarctic Program: Antarctic scenery, transport vehicles, and scientists.
  19. US Library of Congress Prints & Photographs: Over 14 million images.
  20. National Weather Service – NOAA Photo Library: Everything weather related.
  21. US National Gallery of Art: Wonderful collection of images of paintings etc.
  22. Sandia National Laboratories Image Gallery: Wide variety of images.
  23. Smithsonian Institute Image Gallery: Choose from over 1,000,000 images.
  24. US Fish and Wildlife Service National Digital Library:  Most images are public domain.
  25. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Download from over 20,000 images.

Heck, if you can’t find an image from these sources, then you’re difficult to please.

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