Eventually got a meeting with our borough drainage engineer

When visiting the council offices I pass the borough drainage engineer’s desk and hope he’s there. Mostly not. Reason being he’s out supervising contractors or investigating where the water goes. I shouldn’t carp really. It’s my fault for not arranging a meeting.

Yesterday he was at his desk. Brilliant. I thanked him for the work being done in Lightwater Country Park. The weather is naturally inhibiting its completion [some concrete needed, apparently]. I found out from him that there’ll be two paths on the road side of Hammond lower pond. One alongside the road into the park, and a lower one near the pond edge for visitors to walk around the pond. Should look good when finished.

IMG_0638I showed him images on my camera of the surface water run-off from the Bisley and Pirbright ranges into the ditch alongside the Maultway, near its junction with Cumberland Road. The work last year digging out the ditches was to locate two drainage pipes from the ditch which run under the Maultway. These drain the water into – oops, I don’t remember what he said. Anyhow, the overtopping of the ditch onto the road with run off water from the ranges is now solved.

I left as a happy man, knowing that our resilience to flooding has been further improved.

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