The LBA fights to retain Barclays Bank branch in Lightwater

As I’m sure you know, Barclays have announced their intention to close their branch in Lightwater on the 27th March 2015. I’ve already written about this in detail HERE.

The Lightwater Business Association [LBA] is objecting to the loss of branch banking services in Lightwater. It has organised a petition, online HERE, which is also accessible through, and also in most local shops in Lightwater. Do please register your support by signing the petition.

Writing to Anthony Jenkins, the CEO of Barclays Bank at, 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP, the LBA received a reply to facilitate a meeting with the Barclays Community Leader, Matthew Bell, at the Barclays Bank in Camberley.

That meeting took place last week between Tim Salter, chairman of the LBA, Mike Duffy of Duffy’s Budgens, and Karen Whelan, Chief Executive of Surrey Heath Borough Council. The result of which was disappointing in that Matthew Bell said that the closure of the branch was continuing. To which the LBA have written again to Anthony Jenkins, presenting their case in greater detail. Here’s that letter,

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