Answer to Photo Quiz 29: The Ridgewood Centre, Frimley

The photo quiz question was where can you see this sun dial and turret? The answer is it’s on one of the buildings at The Ridgewood Centre on Old Bisley Road, Frimley. The building is part Surrey and Borders NHS Trust’s community mental health facilities. Originally known as the Brompton Hospital Sanatorium, built in 1904, this part centre in the photograph is marked for demolition, to become housing with developer Linden Homes.

I’ll write a longer post about the history of this hospital and accompany it with some of my photos. Meanwhile Rob Mcrorie’s flickr site has a image of the whole site as it was some years ago, and if you look carefully at the photo, you can spot this building in the top centre.

Photo Quiz 29 The Ridgewood Centre

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