Bloodhound SSC, a car to break the world land speed record

Mike Reed, a member of Camberley & District Probus Club, reports on the Club’s recent outing to visit the Bloodhound SSC(super-sonic car) project at Avonmouth. I’m grateful to Mike for this article, as it’s a club event I sadly missed,

“The Bloodhound SSC project is building a car to beat the World land speed record, by travelling at 1000 mph over a one mile track in South Africa. To achieve the record the car must cover the distance in both directions within one hour. It is Camberley & District Probus visit Bloodhound SSC Projectthe average speed of both runs that becomes the record.

The driver of the car, Andy Green, is an RAF fast jet pilot who currently holds the World Land Speed record of 763.035 mph in Thrust SSC, the earlier car built by Richard Noble, who’s the Bloodhound SSC Project Director.

It’s hoped that the car, which is in an advanced state of construction, will in 2015 beat the current World Record by travelling at least at 800mph, and following this in 2016 by attaining the coveted 1000mph.

The Government are fully behind this effort though not providing any funding, in exchange for the loan of the jet propulsion units the project has committed to provide an education programme to increase knowledge of science based subjects in schools through a group of Education Ambassadors. One of our local Ambassadors is Roger Hoyle who can be contacted at 01276 504947 or 07884 126278 by any school interested in learning more about this project.

Our photograph shows the Probus Club President Stuart Holmes presenting a cheque to Martin Roper of the Bloodhound Technical Centre flanked by members or the Royal Mechanical Engineers Regiment who are on a training assignment.”

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