Surrey Heath’s health shows improvement in latest Heath Profile

I’ve been monitoring the Health Profiles for a number of years. I’ve even been involved in focus groups to improve the presentation of data that they contain. The purpose of the Health Profiles is to provide access to public health information, helping to inform policy makers about the health issues, locally, regionally, and nationally.

This week Heath Profiles for 2014 have been released, including the Surrey Heath Health Profile.

A very, very quick review of the data shows significant improvement in Surrey Heath in the areas of

  • reduction in obesity in children Year 6
  • fewer hospital stays for alcohol related harm
  • fewer killed or seriously injured on our roads

I’ll look at the data in detail and will report back on my findings. Wonderfully the data on health is available down to ward level. From the Local Health Profile for 2013 I extracted data and produced a comparative table for wards in Surrey Heath, finding that Parkside ward had the most satisfactory health profile, while the Old Dean had the least satisfactory one. I’ll produce a similar table from the 2014 data.

Something I’ll be doing for the first time is to arrange to discuss the Surrey Heath Health Profile for 2014 with the recently established Surrey Heath Clinical Commissioning Group, who are most usefully co-located in Surrey Heath’s council offices.

But, first of all, I’ve a bunch of work to analyse the data.

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