No information on the Blackhill Water Tower

SONY DSCI’ve been looking around the borough for military artefacts. There are military remnants on Bagshot Heath just off the Maultway, alongside the A30.

The outstanding feature, which can be seen from the M3 motorway, is the Blackhill Water Tower. It’s associated with the two covered reservoirs.

Surprisingly I’ve not found any information about this water tower, such as when it was built. Searching water company websites has revealed nothing.

Somebody must know of its history, I’ll just have to find that person.

5 thoughts on “No information on the Blackhill Water Tower

  1. Dr. Barry Barton, author of “Water Towers of Britain” has a build date of 1923.
    Dr. Micheal Gould and Dr. David Cleland in their paper “Development of design form of reinforced concrete water towers” give the capacity of this tower as 200,000 gallons.
    That is the sum total of information that I have on this tower.

    British Water Tower Appreciation Society (Archives)


  2. I always used to look out for the water tower from the back seat of my mums car whilst travelling to Newbury on the M3. Used to be able to see the top above the treeline.


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