Terri Jayne Dance School’s dancing cruise at Camberley Theatre

cruiseWe were in the audience a week last Saturday for the Terri Jayne School of Dance show at Camberley Theatre, and what a show it was too.

It might be considered entertainingly limiting for an evening entirely of dance. Not so. It was thoroughly enjoyable. The choice of cruising at sea as the show’s theme allowed plenty of room for artistic interpretation.

What did we enjoy? Well, the costumes were sparkly and fun, the dance routines obviously, and the toe-tapping thumping music. Personally, I liked the routine to Rod Stewart’s ‘We are Sailing’, a fitting routine to end the show.  I like teamwork, preferring team sports to individual sports, so the ‘Can-Can routine with dancers linking arms pleased me.

There were some amazing statistics that I noted. There were 34 routines – yes, 34, and 278 dancers. Wow, I bet that took some managing back stage.

I only counted one male member of the cast, a small young boy. I also noticed that all the young girl dancers had long hair tied up in pony tails, meanwhile of the 30 odd adult lady dancers only a few had long hair. Must be an age thing.

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