Appearing on TV, a tick on our bucket list

I could have told you about our appearing on TV last night. Though thought it might be a bit self regarding.

We were the potential property buyers in episode 7 of  ‘Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb’ on the More 4 channel.

Filmed late last year, we helped out an estate agent friend who’d been asked by the programme makers who were desperate for a couple of likely buyers. I could give you a detailed commentary on the day, but that would be boring. Suffice to say it was a long and tiring day, with no reviving cups of tea. Oh, and just a sandwich for lunch.

What was interesting, to me rather than Jany, was the process of making a TV programme. There were three camera men, one sound recordist, a director, and a runner. I guess it’s an item ticked off our ‘bucket list’, a.k.a. things to do before you die.

Did I record the programme? No. I did capture a few images through my computer, which you can see below. I did make Amanda laugh, when we viewed a well-presented bungalow in Chobham, about which I said to Amanda, “You’re showing us house porn”.

If you really want to see us on TV, the programme is repeated today at 1.15am.

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