Understanding the trauma, pain, and anguish of flooding and power cuts

Sympathy for those suffering from flooding and power cuts now and over Christmas doesn’t solve the problem, although I’ve plenty of it for the sufferers. Action to prevent flooding, or at the least to alleviate it, is what’s needed.

Guildford Road in 2007

I think I summed up our experiences of flooding in THIS ARTICLE, in which I said efforts to prevent flooding were one of the key motivations in my becoming a local councillor. I’ve never forgotten the trauma, anguish, and emotional strain of some families in Lightwater whose homes were flooded in 2006 and 2007, such that they couldn’t have a Christmas at home.

Flood prevention action is never a quick fix. It requires an intelligent plan, and concerted action over a long period to deliver flood remediation. In Surrey Heath we’ve two excellent people who’ve maintained the necessary focus on flood prevention over many years, they’re local councillor for West End, Cllr Keith Bush, and our borough drainage engineer, Wayne Purdon.

We’ve still more to do in Surrey Heath to improve our resilience against ground water flooding. We don’t have a river in our borough, like Guildford or Mole Valley. To solve river flooding undoubtedly requires substantial investment – tough when money is in short supply; what it does need is the same unrelenting focus.

Witnessing the trauma of flooding in people’s homes never leaves you.

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