A medley of items to amuse

I’m still too busy to post much. I’m hoping to return to posting by Thursday. Meanwhile here’s a medley of items, which aren’t particularly newsy, but may amuse.

300px-Jan_Vermeer_van_Delft_014Has a Vermeer Mystery Been Solved?: Texan inventor, Tim Jenison, may have solved the riddle of how 15thC photo-realistic painter Johannes Vermeer used mirrors and lenses to help create his paintings. Using Vermeer’s The Music Lesson, in the National Gallery, London as his subject, Jenison concludes that ‘if the lens focused its image onto a small, angled mirror, and the mirror was placed just between the painter’s eye and the canvas, by glancing back and forth he could copy that bit of image until the color and tone precisely matched the reflected bit of reality”. It’s a fascinating conclusion.

Not Merely the Finest TV Documentary Series Ever Made: David Deutsch reflects on Jacob Bronowski’s “The Ascent of Man” 13 episode TV series for the BBC in 1973. I absolutely agree. Deutsch neatly identifies what appeals about the series, saying, “one of the delights of The Ascent of Man is that it consists entirely of argument”.

Take the IQ quiz that Boris Johnson failed: I tried it, not concentrating very hard, and failed miserably to answer any of the four questions correctly. Feeling a bit of a dunce.

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