A double dose of disruption, one shortish, and one long

Coming back from holiday I noted on local blogs The Chapmans & Surrey Heath Residents, that Deepcut Railway Bridge is closed for inspection and repair. These blogs quote Surrey County Council,

“During a routine inspection of the bridge last week, it was discovered that there are large fractures in two of the brick piers supporting the bridge. As the effect of these fractures on the load carrying capacity of the bridge is unknown at present, the county is applying for an emergency road closure at the bridge to remove a risk to both road and rail users.”

I couldn’t resist visiting the bridge [see my photos, click to expand]. While taking photos, and having a general look round I saw vehicles that had failed to read the road closure notice, arriving at the road closure barriers, and having to turn round.

The current estimate of closure is 18 months. I hope that’s just a precautionary estimate. It seems an awfully long time. I walked over the bridge. Had an odd feeling of doing something dangerous. Obviously silly. I would hope the bridge is not closed to pedestrian of cycle traffic. Must find out.

Electricity cable upgradeMeanwhile, prior to going on holiday, we were informed [click on image to expand] that here in our part of Lightwater we’re to have a major upgrade to our electricity network. This means new cables, and lots of digging up roads and pavements.

We hoped that it would be completed in front of our drive while we were away. No such luck. The good news is that it will, hopefully, bring an end to the regular failures of the electricity cable of which I’ve written many times.

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