Surprising data on Surrey Heath car ownership in 2011 Census

The About Lightwater page on this blog uses data from the 2001 Census. It needs updating with data from the 2011 census. I’ll be doing this shortly.

Before this happens, I really must tell you about the data on Surrey Heath’s car and van availability. I seem to remember statistics that said Surrey Heath had the highest national % of households with 4 or more cars or vans per household. Here’s the data on the current situation, firstly a comment from the ONS report on the 2011 census, and then the data on Lightwater, [plus links to Windlesham and Chobham].

The number of cars and vans available for use by households in England and Wales increased from 23.9 million to 27.3 million between 2001 and 2011. In 2001 there were on average 11 cars per 10 households whereas in 2011 there were 12 cars per 10 households.

The detailed data from the 2011 census for Lightwater shows that it has a far higher % of households with 4 or more cars or vans than England, and has a higher % than that of Surrey Heath with 4.6%. Although Windlesham has a higher proportion at 5.5%, and Chobham even higher at 7.7%. Amazing, eh.

Here’s a bit more data on car ownership in Surrey, Car Dealer report on a Citroen survey that says,

Results show that Surrey was the top county overall for convertibles, with four of its districts featuring in the UK top 10 for highest proportion of convertibles registered compared to residential population.

Qty %

England %

2001 census
No cars or vans 169 6.1 25.8 170
1 car or van 904 32.5 42.2 870
2 cars or vans 1231 44.3 24.7 1294
3 cars or vans 341 12.3 5.5 275
4 cars or vans 133 4.8 1.9 110
Households 2778 2719

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