Put it in your diary; West End, Windlesham Ag & Hort Annual Show

Ag & HortThe ‘Ag & Hort’ is coming soon. It’s short for the Annual Show of the West End, Windlesham & District Agricultural and Horticultural Society. [Click on image to expand]

Doors open at 2.0pm, Saturday 14th September, Tringhams Hall & Recreation Ground, Benner Lane, West End

The show is a wonderful traditional rural show. The 2013 Show Programme list 226 categories for which prizes are awarded. That’s not a typing error, there are that many categories.

In Tringhams Hall and the marquee there’s floral art, vegetables & fruit, wine, honey and dahlias in the horticultural section. Cookery & preserves, handicrafts, roses & flowers, and art & photography in the domestic classes section.

The live poultry section fascinates; with the bantams amusing feathered feet, and there’s always one noisy bird, often a male duck. Cuddled up together, the gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and mice are quiet in comparison to the noisy poultry.

This year my dear wife is competing in six classes. Having won first prize in the previous two years in a bread category, I’m expecting great things.

Outside, on the recreation ground are familiar attractions, sideshows, beer and food stall, tractor rides, and a dog show. All in all, it’s a day to look forward to.

8 thoughts on “Put it in your diary; West End, Windlesham Ag & Hort Annual Show

  1. Hi Tim – where can I get hold of Page 3 of that 2013 Programme please?

    I tried the WE Parish website, but altho its promoted, cant see the Programme?

    Many thanks, ST


  2. My wife tells me show programmes are available from the newspaper shop in West End. I used my wife’s copy for info about the show, acquired at the time she submitted her entry. I agree with you, there needs to be more about it online. Regards, Tim


  3. Drew a blank at the Newspaper shop Tim.

    Any chance you could tell me what it says on Page 3 about entering the Dog show?

    Sorry to be a pain, amazing how hard it is to get info from ‘official sources’ !


  4. Here’s what it says on page 3.

    Entries taken on the day.
    2.0pm: Timed obstacle retrieve, Non timed obstacle retrieve
    2.30pm: Prettiest Bitch, Handsomest Dog, Best Child Handler, Best six legs
    Terrier Show: Best Bitch, Best Dog

    Winner from each class will be entered into finals at 3.45pm
    Prize giving on the field at 4.0pm

    I’ll see you there. Best, Tim


  5. Excellent – many thanks for that Tim – just wanted to be sure it was ‘Entries on the Day’ ….


  6. Hello I was just wondering if you happened to know how much it costs to enter the dog show. Sorry to be a pain. And do you have to be their earlier to enter? Basically how much does it cost to enter per class


  7. Molly, I don’t know how much it costs to enter the Dog Show, as it doesn’t say in the Programme. I imagine it won’t be much, if at all, as it only costs £2 entry into the overall show.. Rgds, tim


  8. . How much does it cost for a 12 year old and a 15 year old to go in. And is timed obstacle retrieve, Hurdles for dogs or is it throwing a ball and they have to go and retrieve it? How many people are usually in the dog show?


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