M&S Simply Food coming to Lightwater

I make no comment here, just to report that it’s a rumour no more that BP is seeking to redevelop their Lightwater Petrol Filing Station and likely adding a M&S Simply Food, just as they have in Bagshot and West End.

BP submitted Planning Application 13/0566, proposing;

“Redevelopment of the existing petrol filling station to include new sales building, canopy, fuel pumps, boundary treatments, fuel tanks, refuse area, hard and soft landscaping and ancillary rearrangements to the forecourt following demolition of existing petrol filling station and car wash.”

Below there’s a copy of their plan, and the description of the new sales area In their covering letter [click to enlarge];

Lightwater Petrol Filing Station

Lightwater Petrol Filing Station plans

5 thoughts on “M&S Simply Food coming to Lightwater

  1. Half the number of Pumps ….. must be far more profit in the bibs & bobs sold in the shop ….

    Should help promote the business of the only other car-wash in town too ….


  2. So – no car wash?
    Also, given that the new layout is a 90 degree orientation on the current layout, I presume it will be shut during the construction phase?
    Which could be quite long if they are planing on digging up the old tanks.


  3. cant be that long ago that they completely rebuilt it – 2004 ? …. cant remember, but have fond mammaries of the old place, run by Nigel Warner (his brother ran the petrol station up on the A30 near the Windmill PH)

    sigh, where does the time go?


  4. Speedicus, it’s probably the fourth time it’s been rebuilt in recent times. The last time they put in new tanks, and now they’re replacing them again, ad replacing all the soil. I remember Nigel too. He was so proud of his petrol station, I seem to recollect Nigel saying he won awards for its cleanliness.


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